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Can I save money shopping online?

Yes you can save up to 60% off the suggested retail price buy purchasing a ring online.

Can I talk to a Customer Service Representative?

All of the jewelry stores that we feature allow you to contact a representative over the phone.

How much will shipping be?

We only feature stores that offer FREE shipping.

What is a Diamonds Color?

Diamonds come in multiple colors, the clearer and more colorless a diamond the higher the receiving grade on the GIA scale. What you want is a near colorless diamond. The less color the better.

What is a Diamonds Cut?

Basically the better the cut the better the diamond. A poorly cut diamond will lack radiance even if the clarity and color are perfect. A finely cut diamond will radiate even if it is small in carats.

What is a Diamonds Clarity?

Each diamond has flaws, flaws can include minerals left behind in the diamond, obviously the less flaws, scratches, or minerals left the higher the clarity of the diamond. 

What is a Diamonds Carat?

Carat is essentially the weight of a diamond. Carat also does not mean the size is bigger, it  simply means that the diamond weights more.

Is my Credit Card Safe?

All the merchants that we feature on this website offer secure 128 bit encryption when it comes to processing your credit card. It is virtually impossible for anyone to gain access to your credit card information.